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Mix and Match, Free Shipping. Minimum Order 10 Bags. ($4.50 ea)

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Mix pack of chocolates, mix and match any flavour. (minimum order 10 bags)




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46 reviews for Mix and Match, Free Shipping. Minimum Order 10 Bags. ($4.50 ea)

  1. Sandy Potter

    Havenโ€™t tried them yet but canโ€™t wait my brothers. Love sandy

  2. Sean James

    Awesome product!!

    I purchased 2 of the milk chocolate red licorice packs and 1 of the milk chocolate peanut clusters.

    Letโ€™s just say a friend and I ate all 3 packets in an hour! The red licorice is particularly beautiful, the chocolate is not to sweet and works really well with the flavourful licorice!

    The peanut cluster was stunning from the fresh peanuts and milk chocolate.

    Try it! You most definitely will not be disappointed.

  3. Zoe Millan

    Okay so my colleagues and I all purchased a few bags when one of the brothers came in to see us, collectively we got all of the options – honestly THE BEST CHOCOLATES I’VE EVER HAD!! So good! The bags lasted about two seconds once they were opened and I’m so glad there’s a website so I can get more! I couldn’t rate these any higher, well done guys – good on you for getting your recipe and name out there. I think the finishing touch is the fact that they’re handmade and by Nzers too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Messines Wikitoria Perry

    A bit tricky to order at first, until I got the hang of it.

  5. Peter Kitching

    great selection looking forward to sampling

  6. Peter Kitching

    Looking forward to sampling

  7. Helen McEwan

    After discovering your chocolates today when one of the brothers called into my work.
    I am hooked. Absolutely heavenly. Have only tried the hokey pokey and pineapple pieces so far but now I have found your online shop, look forward to trying more. YUM. Congratulations guys.
    Watch out Whitakers.

  8. Alison

    I can recommend the Plain Choc Hokey Pokey – YUMMY YUM YUM

  9. Sonya Rakei

    Absolutely love them!! One of the brothers came into our store no lie! We had to bring him back twice into our store for all our colleagues to buy some because we were all hooked! These are going to be my new go to gifts for myself and others ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Sharlene Cudby

    Have tried and was amazing, look forward to receiving.

  11. Donna

    OMG The best pineapple chocolates ever!!! Was going to share but nah too good haha.
    One of the brothers came into my work telling us about them.
    Will have to suss out the on line order.
    Any chance of a coffee flavoured one?
    Good luck with everything guys.

  12. Paula

    Have tried the Peanut Cluster, Coconut Rough & Pineapple Lump and every flavour is insanely moreish!!! YUUUM!

  13. Anne Magan

    Yum! These are the best I have tasted!

  14. Jessica davidson

    Absolutely AMAZING! I am a huge red lic fan ๐Ÿ˜ They came into our work selling them, at first my boss just brought a bunch as she was proud this was a family company, no owned and the males were very polite. But once we tried them WOW ๐Ÿ˜ we are hooked! Hands down best ever!!!! Ps. Am currently on website trying to order more ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿคฉ

  15. Marg Mora

    OK there needs to be a warning label on this stuff. WARNING! – Seriously delicious. I wandered into the lotto/magazine shop and they had a packet for sale on the counter. I bought it. Opened it at work. OMG. I couldn’t believe it. Took me back to my childhood days of eating “real” pineapple lumps – but dear I say it – better! My colleagues got in on the act and devoured the whole lot then dashed down to the magazine shop and bought more! Best I’ve had. Awesome you guys

  16. Nikki O’Leary

    Omgosh delicious! Peanut clusters, hokey pokey & pineapple chunks! Can’t wait to try some other flavours.

  17. Matt Karatau

    Wow … so nice .. yip agree with all .. the pineapple lumps and raspberry lic are to die for … .. cheers from the boys at Paintspot Hastings

  18. Merv Matthews

    We were given a pack of Pineapple pieces – they are delicious, hence this order.

  19. Merv Matthews

    We were given a bag of Pineapple pieces – hence this order.

  20. Merv Matthews

    We were given a bag of Pineapple Pieces – hence this order

  21. Lorraine Elstone

    Brought some today by someone calling into where I work today OMG Definitely buying some more online !!!

  22. Property Brokers Taupo

    Thankyou for coming into our office, everyone was impressed and the chocolates are amazing, so well done and come back quickly!!

  23. Virgil Iraia

    brought two packets today. the Peanut Cluster and Pineapple Pieces. best chocolates ever! well done guys, I’m definitely ordering some more ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Colleen Wilson

    OMG One of the brothers call in to my work( Inglewood) I left a mixed lot at work took some home to In Laws they ate all of the mixed bags so i hid the ones still at work for me was late back after weekend back in waikato and worker who open my shop found bag and eat my favorite one the jellies. The choc is lovely and light not to sweet this is my new chocolates

  25. Alex

    Pineapple pieces are SO yum! Thank you so much for stopping in at our workplace here in Rotorua. Please come back soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Debbie Bond

    Ohh my, your pineapple lumps are the best , I just love them. Looking forward to trying some of the other options you have.

  27. Carolyn MacKay

    Its hazardous to your wallet when they come to your work I got four different types to try and so far the jellies are the first to be tried, they are delicious a real pop of flavour can’t wait to try the others hmmm which one next??? I’m convinced by the first packet online ordering is going to happen

  28. Ingrid

    From a self-proclaimed chocoholic…. DELICIOUS!!

  29. Maria

    My sister brought the pineapple chocolates and I tried 1 then stole the whole packed. These are LIFE!!!! Way better then pineapple lumps. Thank you for creating this amazing product!

  30. Charlotte

    Absolutely amazing!

  31. Conal

    An absolute chocolate lover and now Iโ€™ve found my absolute favourite brand. Thank you Guys for doing what you do.

  32. Rita

    They got me on the eftpos machine and I don’t regret spending $18 on a whole lot chocolate. Very nice and look forward to getting more

  33. Nina Lau

    The best jellies chocolate.

  34. Nina Lau

    The best chocolate ever.

  35. kristy

    They came and visited our block of shops in New Plymouth / Strandon today. I purchased a bag of the coconut rough in dark choc and the bag was demolished within 2 minutes by myself and 2 co workers! absolutely beautiful. Coconut rough is my weakness, i have tried a few, but this one takes the cake. Thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Felix

    Best chocolate ever!! Guy just come to shop in johnsonville for my partner and it the best chocolate ever.. can’t wait until I can purchase again..

  37. Amy Olsen

    Peanut clusters๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Omg dangerous!

  38. Holly

    One of the brothers came to our workplace to sell the chocolates and we brought a couple of bags. While he went off to continue selling them, we tried the chocolates… we ended up calling the number on the website to get him to come back and ended up buying 15 more packets! (between 5 of us!). So very, very happy with the product. Have given everyone in the office a taster and are now thinking of buying more!

  39. Jessie

    Just purchased a couple packets today and WOW! they are absolutely DELICIOUS! Pineapple lumps are a childhood fav of mine and I have to say that these were the best I have ever tasted. Thank you Potter Brothers

  40. Linda

    Love, love absolutely love these milk chocolates. Favourite coconut rough and hokey pokey.

  41. Mynt

    Thanks for the awesome visit today mate – we wish you all the best!

  42. Dave

    Thanks for calling in with your chocolates, we again brought too many but well worth it thanks to the brother doing street sales in Taupo

  43. M Wilkinson

    I should not have bought ur chocholate. I was on diet, which ur jelly chocolates ended. Ordered 10 more online. Can’t wait

  44. Maria Ngatai

    Best chocs I ever had my hubby n I had the pineapple..hokey pokey..choc rough..They are not too sweet wich is too our taste..im thinking sea salt caramel..yummo

  45. Val

    5 star

  46. Cat

    Lovely man came into work selling them. Pineapple flavour is the best! Very yum, all gone before end of day! Good luck with your business venture, will be sure to purchase more when i spot them. Will also keep bulk order in mind for Christmas pressies

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